Welcome to More Balance & Joy

I'm so happy you've come to see how I can help you to bring more balance and joy into your life. I have been interested in personal development for pretty much all of my adult life and have been working in it for coming up to 20 years now. (You can find out more about my experience and qualifications here)

IIn my coaching work, I have found that the women I work with tend to be in 1 of 2 camps : either overwhelmed or underwhelmed!  

And I’ve found that I can help both with the same set of theories and tools, because underlying it all is BALANCE.  

If we have too much to think about or do, and don't do much for ourselves, we can work on finding a better balance by adjusting our mindset, finding space and fun things to do.    

If we are feeling bored, or that something is missing, or that we've just lost our get up and go, we can get balance by adjusting our mindset, finding something inspiring to focus on and, again, fun things to do.  

That is why I named my business More Balance and Joy. I have a passion for helping women to get more of both into their lives! In the UK today 1 in 4 women are diagnosed with depression. I want to help you avoid being one of them, or if you've been there before, help prevent you from going there again.  

I teach women about 5 natural feminine energies we have, which are often dulled by today’s society. There's a video below where I give a short introduction to these amazing PowerTypes™ and how one of my clients used them to make some big changes in her life.  

Women who have worked with me talk about how they have:
- Got more energy, confidence and clarity on what they want from their future
- Feel less guilt about taking time for themselves
- Found themselves again
Ultimately more balance & joy in their life      

Cuppa Balance & Joy

This is designed for ladies who prefer a casual approach to bringing more balance & joy to their lives.

Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 11am we meet at 11am for a group Cuppa-length session on zoom. There, I deliver a 15 min (ish) spiel on a balance & joy bringing topic. This is followed by a content related mini meditation.

The same session is delivered again at 11am the next day (Saturday!), to enable you to join us whatever your week looks like.  

All of these sessions will be video recorded so that you can catch any sessions you miss, or rewatch at a later date.  Also, the mini meditations are available to download to your phone for easy access whenever you want it.    

Finally there is a bonus session each month which I like to call Cuppa & Cocktails as it's on a Friday night (8pm on the 3rd Friday of each month). This is an opportunity to ask any questions you have on bringing more balance & joy into your life and generally have a heart warming chat with like minded ladies.  This session is NOT recorded.  

All this for just £7 per month!

Journey to More Balance & Joy

This is designed for ladies who are ready to take a more structured approach to get to know the PowerTypes™ and work towards making a significant change to level of  balance & joy in their lives.  

Working in a small group, we will explore each PowerType™ in detail, how we currently use it and how we can develop its use to bring our lives into balance without burnout.  

I'm currently running one programme and I'm keen to add another soon. So if this is of interest to you, please pop your name on the waiting list and I'll be in touch.  

We meet twice monthly live during term time as a minimum, but content will continue throughout the year available online. Live sessions will also be available on replay.
When you join at this level you can get discounted Cuppa membership too.  And you can opt to BOOST your experience by adding either 1, 2 or 4 1:1 coaching sessions per month.  

From £17 per month

1:1 Coaching

Through 1:1 coaching I can personalise a programme for exactly what you need.

If you just need 1 or 2 sessions to get you back on track we can get you booked in for these.  

Or if you'd like a long term regular boost, my group subscription packages have the option of boosting with 1, 2 or 4 coaching sessions per month, so you can get some fabulous extras for the same money!  

From £46 per session

"Rachel is a fantastic women's coach. She helped me make some simple but really positive changes. Changes which I am able to put in to practise on a daily basis. She delivered on her motto and I feel I have more balance in my life. Highly recommended."

Hannah H

"The knowledge of our PowerTypes™ and other people foibles is second to none and so beautifully presented, really easy to listen to and so thought provoking. Rachel asks deep questions but in a very kind and sensitive manner that you always think about how you can make positive but small changes in your daily life."

Jane W

“Rachel used her coaching techniques to help guide me through some complex decisions regarding work and family. I found it a useful process to help me to identify my son’s and my needs, and practically explore the ways in which the options available to me would help me to meet them.” 

Jenny R

"The course was great and has given me a lot of knowledge. Thank you Rachel for delivering the course with enthusiasm and passion. Through your courses I have learned so much about myself and have been introduced to amazing ladies."

Sarah D